Seasonal Artificial Garland

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Grassy Sunflower Garland

Grassy Sunflower Garland features long straw grasses with multiple-sized sunflowers and autumn-hued foliage. It is 4 ft. long.
$ 29.99
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Natural Cotton & Pod Mantel Garland

This cotton mantel garland adds a fresh and clean, neutral look perfect for just about any home decor style!It features real cotton buds in their natural shells alongside dried cotton...
$ 38.95
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Pumpkin Pod Garland 4 ft.

Wire based Pumpkin Pod Garland will add reds, oranges, and yellow fall hues to autumn collections. The Pumpkin Pod Garland is 4 feet long and has a "twiggy" look that consists of lots...
$ 39.36
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Pumpkin Pip Berry Garland

Pumpkin colored pip berry garland is 4 feet in length and pliable so your customers can shape the garland to fit their decorating needs.
$ 30.99
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Burgundy Pip Garland, 4'

This rustic autumn garland features deep burgundy pip berries on brown wrapped stems. It is 4ft. long.
$ 30.99
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Cotton Ball Mantlepiece Garland

Cotton Ball Mantlepiece Garland features puffs of cotton attached to realistic petals and brown stems. It would work perfectly to decorate any mantle, doorway, windows, or even a dining room...
$ 39.95
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Twisted Rustics Harvest Garden Garland

Harvest Garden Garland features a colorful floral blend of fall flowers combined with mini pumpkins, pips, berries, leaves, and spirals. Garland is 4 feet long.
$ 39.00
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Harvest Leaves Garland - 4 Foot

Our Harvest Leaves Garland features a combination of richly colored artificial fall oak leaves, pine cones, acorns and pumpkins mixed with wispy twigs. This is the perfect floral to add...
$ 42.36
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Wild Artificial Sunflower & Grass Garland

Wild Sunflower and Grass Garland features a mix of dried grass, foam berries, heather buds, and sunflowers. The yellows, oranges, and reds in this garland make it the perfect selection...
$ 43.86
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Country Mix Acorn Garland 4 ft.

Our Country Mix Acorn Garland has artificial fall leaves, assorted fall colored berries, acorns and pips on a hand-wrapped base. 4 feet long.
$ 24.75
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60" Bittersweet Garland

Small red berries and yellow flowers make the perfect combination of fiery autumn color on this five-foot-long garland. The stem is wired for easy shaping around any area of the...
$ 42.95
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5' Fall Eucalyptus Garland

This five-foot-long red and green garland will wrap your home in rich fall color that will transition perfectly into the holiday season. The branches are bendable for easy shaping around...
$ 54.75