Seasonal Artificial Garland

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Grassy Sunflower Garland

Grassy Sunflower Garland features long straw grasses with multiple-sized sunflowers and autumn-hued foliage. It is 4 ft. long.
$ 29.99
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Easter Eggs & Herb Leaves Garland 4ft

4 ft Easter Eggs & Herb Leaves Garland is composed of a green paper-wrapped wire stem and branches. Garland is further accented by green fabric leaves and a mixture of...
$ 36.29
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Mixed Queen Ann Heather Garland

Mixed Queen Ann Heather Garland is an artificial garland that features a mix of fabric, foam, and plastic greenery on a paper-covered wire stem. Garland has a neutral green finish with bits...
$ 52.39
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Teastain Gardenia Garland 4ft

Teastain Gardenia Garland features teastain daisies and pip berries on brown wrapped stems with greenery. It measures 4 feet long. Please note: tea-stained items may vary slightly in color from shipment to shipment due to...
$ 33.89
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Egg Pip & Burlap Garland

Spring bestseller Eggs & Pips collection, updated with a rustic touch of burlap! 4 foot long garland with a flexible brown wrapped wire base with lots of antiqued pastel eggs...
$ 38.29
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Wispy Grass Garland

The Wispy Grass collection has a unique texture and natural appeal that make it perfect for complementing country decor! Very fine, long sprays of wavy faux grass on wired stems,...
$ 16.79
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Clover Blossom Garland

Clover Blossom is a light and fresh spring floral that's perfect for adding a sunny touch to primitive and country decor! Soft yellow flowers, green berries, airy ferns and greenery...
$ 43.59
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Purple Wildflowers Garland 5ft

5ft Purple Wildflowers Garland features purple fabric florals with green leaves and white plastic bud accents for a lovely spring accent piece. Garland's florals are set on a green-wrapped metal wire base...
$ 27.59
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He Is Risen Wooden Bead Garland w/Cross

He is Risen Wooden Bead Garland is adorned with a wooden cross on one end. Garland is made up of white and light brown wooden beads that have been strung...
$ 14.09
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Hello Spring Wooden Bead Garland w/Bunny

Drape the Hello Spring Wood Bead Garland with Bunny in a coffee table tray or basket. The 24” long garland is made up of wooden beads in a variety of...
$ 17.99
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Little Luna Leaves Hanging Bush 34"

Little Luna Leaves Hanging Bush, 34” has a whitewashed color, with pools of opaque paint gathering on its small leaves to create a dimensional look. Measures 34” long.
$ 24.89
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Baby's Grass Garland 6ft Light Green

Baby's Grass Garland, 6ft, Light Green is a fresh spring floral that's perfect for brightening up any room! It boasts variegated plastic leaves on flexible branches and complements bright spring...
$ 18.29