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Gray Rectangle Tobacco Baskets 2/Set

Our Gray Rectangle Tobacco Baskets sell as a set of two slatted wood baskets with a rustic, gray wash finish. Baskets make an excellent base for creating a centerpiece on a...
$ 46.25
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Natural Round Tobacco Baskets w/Jute Handles 3/Set

Natural Round Tobacco Baskets with Jute Handles sell as a set of three round baskets made from woven wood strips. Each basket has a natural brown finish and a pair of...
$ 76.95
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Woven Style Tobacco Baskets 3/Set

This set of 3 Woven Tobacco Style Baskets is a set of three nesting baskets. They are stained dark brown with a tight, tobacco-style woven texture that can be dressed up...
$ 61.95
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Farmhouse Tobacco Basket Wall Art

Our Farmhouse Tobacco Basket reads "farmhouse" at the center of a rectangular tobacco-style basket. The natural wood color of the woven pieces compliments the painted-white, wood lettering that sits at...
$ 37.50
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7" x 20" Holy Night Nativity Tray

 Holy Night Nativity Tray is a wooden tray that features a hand-painted nativity scene. This tray has a tan background with slight speckling details and displays the phrase, "Oh Holy...
$ 34.95
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*Galvanized Egg Basket 7.5"

*** BEING DISCONTINUED - WHILE QUANTITIES LAST *** Made of galvanized wire, the Galvanized Egg Basket has a slightly raised bottom with a wire handle. It measures 7½" high by...
$ 18.39
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Hanging Scale w/ Two Wire Baskets

The Hanging Scale with Two Wire Baskets has a printed gage with measurements which is adhered below the scale’s fulcrum and each arm features hooks that support two removable, 6” high...
$ 83.99
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Elida Basket

Keep this handy and sturdy pine needle bowl basket by the door to catch your keys and mail or on your desk to contain office necessities and it will bring...
$ 26.00
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Rosa Basket

The Rosa Basket is made with pine needles bound together in an intricate design executed in raffia. It's both practical and beautiful. Approximately 10"L x 8"W x 3.3"H
$ 24.00
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Lidia Basket

This beautiful oval basket is woven of pine needles and pajón, a native grass of the Guatemala highlands, with intricate raffia stitched detail. Perfect size to serve bread or fruit....
$ 24.00
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Large Marisol Basket

This handy straight-sided pine needle basket has colorful raffia accents and is part of a series of similar baskets. Pine needles with raffia. Approximately 9"W x 3"H
$ 34.00