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530+ years ago, in 1488, four years before Columbus left Europe to find the New World, John Rathborne established his candlemaker shop in historic Dublin, Ireland. Located not far from St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rathbornes has endured the passage of time, witnessing wars, exploration of new frontiers, and epidemics that have come and gone. Rathbornes has long been acknowledged as the world's oldest candlemaker

But yet, throughout the many generations, Rathbornes remains committed to crafting the same premium candles infused with their own unique blends of fragrances that resonate with your soul; you won't find the 'flavor of the week' here. We invite you to experience their legacy for yourself or as a special gift for a cherished friend.

Warm top notes of oranges with a blend of black amber and a base scent of birch, fir balsam and oak wood all combined for a luxuriously rich citrus scent. An earthy citrus, rich & inviting. Deliciously fruity, this candle blends zesty orange peel with a rich smoky undercurrent.

This piece of luxury guarantees the best burn, has been hand crafted in Dublin, to create a memorable fragrance that we can indulge our senses anywhere in the home. Our candles are double hand poured over two days using our unique blend of 100% natural waxes consisting of beeswax, rapeseed and coconut waxes to ensure the perfect clean burn. This size candle has up to 20-hour burn time allowing you to indulge in your scents.

LARGE: Four-Wick Candle, 50 Hour Burn Time, 390g
MEDIUM:Two-Wick Candle, 40 Hour Burn Time, 190g
SMALL:One-Wick Candle, 20 Hour Burn Time, 75g

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