The World Didn’t Need Another Home Décor Company

So, We Inspired a Brand of Social Responsibility (Here’s Why)

It is true. Good things are in store.

You understand in your heart, beautifully inspired farmhouse décor intimately relaxes the soul—bringing in a feeling of times past. Times when the family met at the breakfast table on Sunday Mornings for Mom’s homemade breakfast. A time when it was normal to be friends with your neighbors and to be free from overwhelming anxiety.

During times of uncertainty even panic, how easy it is to forget that things do get better. Today, staying inspired to create your living space a haven for future memories of love, family, and friends is indispensable.

Reminiscent of the “good ole days” Laughing Moose Gifts endear us with high-quality and truly unique Americana and Country Farmhouse décor. However, the creation of A-Caliber, casual yet charming decorative pieces is only where we begin.

Let me explain…

Many have learned the hard way, “We are what we DO and SAY. NOT what we INTEND to do.” –Bill W. At the founding of the Laughing Moose Brand, we intended to provide bonafide craftsman Americana Décor. Décor made by dedicated and talented men and women not only in the US but across the world.
Small business providers who shared our special vision of quality and uniqueness were rigorously vetted and brought forward. These supplier relationships provided the springboard for allowing us to DO what we INTENDED to do.

But then something unexpected happened.

With impeccable products that were above average in design and durability, coupled with attentive customer service-our customer base grew. How proud we were of this. Yet, something was missing.

What was missing you ask?

We began to understand that we could practically give back. Not only to our fellow Americans but—in essence—to the worldwide community. How so?
It began at home.

An American value that we all hold dear is that of achievement. However, we understood that some were unable to reach any real achievement (at work) without a little help in life. So flexible work hours and higher pay made personal achievement for those we employ come within reach.

Others perhaps needed a genuine “second chance” at returning to the workforce. We made room for this as well.

hough in 2007 we intended to be the absolute best producer of Vintage Farmhouse and Americana Décor, what it meant to be the BEST progressed. In 2015, our great business achievements brought with it a heartfelt desire to do and be more. This sincere objective continued to take shape.

You see, Laughing Moose Gift Founder Tom set the brand's aim even higher!
However, this aim and objective were met with some very real trials.

For example, Tom had successfully built an American business of substantial value. Not only to its customer base but also to small craftsman providers and vendors (many of whom received much of their income from Laughing Moose Gifts). While others would be satisfied with that accomplishment- Tom (who is not the “look at me” type) took his leadership international. Only to meet resistance with new potential business partners in areas such as Eastern Africa.
A major American university noticed the direction Tom had taken and asked for help. As it turns out, this major university had a contract with the US State Department to train entrepreneurs from across the continent of Africa. Without hesitation, Tom and Laughing Moose Gifts lent a helping hand.
In fact, the stellar customer service Laughing Moose is known for- centered in Nairobi, Kenya. (Until recently)

This is just a glimpse into the Laughing Moose Gifts Brand. Come see for yourself.

We are resolved not only to share our passion for American culture as we embrace change, but to supply a discovery of feelings and homely décor that warms your home. Our American landscape of designs is best shared with all. That reflects the Americana way!

So, as you express your decorative passion-- we hope you continue to share our passion for purpose. Together we make our homes, country, and world…better

After all, the world didn’t need just another home décor company. Therefore, we inspired a brand of social responsibility.

Order and come join us, today!

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