hand made vintage style quality bedding

 Quilts - Thick, Warm, Cozy, Beautiful.  Like grandma used to have.

Wrap yourself in a cocoon of rustic relaxation with our vintage-style quilts! These hand-crafted quilts provide the perfect combination of countryside charm and cozy comfort to make them treasured heirlooms in your home for years to come.

All of our quilts are handstitched with durable 100% cotton to create a supremely soft and cozy feel that will last through every wash and use. Each quilt’s unique patterns are inspired by traditional Americana patchwork designs to create an authentic country look and feel that will complement any cabin or cottage home. Every quilt is reversible and features a second pattern on the reverse side, offering two complementary looks that can be changed out with the seasons.

Whether you’re decorating a bright farmhouse, a cozy family cabin, or a woodsy home, these beautiful quilts will complete the look while providing long-lasting comfort. Bring the beauty of the country into your home day after day with these beautiful mementos that can be passed down and cherished through the generations.

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