geometric vintage persian style rugs

From wedding ceremonies  to laid back picnics, the rug has made a massive come back. Not that it ever really left, in our opinion. Just reach “rugs” and “weddings” and whether you happen to put them together or not, we would bet one of our antlers that you will spot a similar setting to one below. 

vintage rug wedding ceremony
Rugs make a great compliment to your existing decor and really tie a room together. They can also really tie a picnic together! The latest trend in hip and happening picnic events has everyone all heart eyes… including us! Can you even blame anyone though? The idea of sitting together with an intimate party and connection over food, good wine and in a comfortable and relaxed setting… just perfect!
picnic events rugs vintage rugs
Let’s not forget about the original purpose of the rug - to warm the house and give a space a little more love and personality. Dining room, bedroom and living room  - consider the rug a perfect accessory. 
vintage rug persian rug dakota rug
Then, lastly, let's mention the one rug trend that really caught our eye. The bathroom decor addition!
bathroom style vinatge rug
Going for one that has a more traditional vs a modern design is up to you! And we are sure, no matter which one you choose from our collection, they will be sure to last you for many years and memories to come!
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