Take a moment to examine a space decorated in the primitive, farmhouse, or country style, and you'll likely see some common and crucial elements. 

Take a moment to examine a space decorated in the primitive, farmhouse, or country style, and you'll likely see some common and crucial elements. There will be the specific textures, colors, and materials necessary to convey those "rooted in the past" themes. The worn wood, the muted hues, the rugged surfaces worn to a warm sheen with age and even items with a bit of rust and wear…they all work together to create that wonderful, lived-in look.

What else do you see as a common element in such spaces? Chances are, you will typically find a pendant-style light fixture helping to shape that look. Whether it is the classic country, the vintage cottage, or the iconic farmhouse kitchen, there is likely to be a pendant light that brings it all home.

While a pendant works wonders in an entry, over a reading nook, or just about anywhere that a bit of convenient light is needed, where it really brings the bang is in the kitchen. Whether hanging singly over the sink to give an added glow at day or night or grouped above a dining space, pendants are (like the jewelry with the same name) that added bit of style or flair that makes the kitchen complete.

If you disagree, take a look at the image below:

An iconic country kitchen with the warmth of a worn wooden table, the green garden outdoors, the creaky wooden floors, the glass-doored cabinets…it’s a prime example of the species. Except…that dining area. What happens when the sun sets? That part is left to almost total darkness. One lone lamp sits by the sideboard. How could this kitchen and dining space get the zing it needs? Pendants are the answer.

The next thing to consider, then, is just what type of pendant light will work? After all, you can find them in sharp and clean styles that don't quite fit the mold where country and farmhouse styles go. There are also elaborate and ornate options, but those, too, won't quite convey the sense of welcome and warmth that defines and shapes country style.

Country Cottage Kitchen Lighting Solutions

As a prime example, consider a modern cottage kitchen, not unlike the one above. It might be a space as monochromatic as you would like or full of bursts and pops of color. Think white or oatmeal walls with boldly painted chairs, warm wooden tabletops, and lots of sunlight, and you are on the right track. The ceilings are likely to be pale to reflect the light, but what about the lighting?

Certainly, no stock canister lights will give this sort of kitchen the look it deserves. And nothing glossy and modern will fit into the space. So, what are you left with? Why not something that says “old school” without also saying clunky?

The smooth, aged surface of galvanized steel works wonders to offset any hint of modernity that might have crept into the rest of the space. The Supply Store Pendant is an iconic look that works well in a modern cottage or country kitchen, but can wow within a more modern space, too. With its wire grid and old-fashioned bulb, it is a wonderful bit of glue to hold your entire farmhouse or cottage theme together. Hang them singly or in a group of three over a long dining table or rough-hewn island and you’ll see the power of the pendant to hone the design concept.

Other options that would work well include a Milk Can Pendant in Weathered Zinc that has that smooth, satin finish, as well as the Springhouse Pendant in a low-key Brushed Tin.

Updated Upgrade

Perhaps your look is one that emphasizes clean lines with a hint of industrial design and a few nods to the past? If so, pendant fixtures are still for you. In fact, they are the ideal since mixing up metals with your classic farmhouse (rather than making everything matched and flat) is ideal.

After all, doesn't the average farmhouse, vintage, or rustic kitchen evolve over time? Doesn't it pick up pieces here and there, reflecting the styles of the individuals who love and look after it? This is why you want the more unique textures and looks that farmhouse-inspired pendants can bring. As an example, one to three Gathering Room Pendants over the kitchen island or dining table can bring the ideal amount of rustic charm.

It could be that the smoother finish of the Baker’s Pendant is ideal for your working area or that cozy armchair by the country kitchen's fireplace? Maybe it is a bit more texture and a lot more farmhouse you want? Then the Loft Cage Pendants in Weathered Zinc or Smokey Black are the right options. These bring in the ideal amount of farmhouse style blended with an industrial flair, and one or more would say "updated and upgraded" as soon as you enter.


Rustic Revived

Okay, let's say that you have a more modern kitchen that you hope will give a few good nods to the past without also being old-fashioned in its general design. Perhaps you love the sleek sheen of marble countertops, the dull resonance of a stainless steel fridge, and the cool charm of subway tiles. Maybe you go for the gleaming all-white space, but you'd prefer to soften it all with a bit of something more rustic?

Then it is the curved and textured Petal Cage Pendants that will add just what you need. Again, hang them individually or use them in a group to create the kind of subtle texture and organic lines necessary to warm up even the most contemporary space. Add that inspired bit of country charm that pulls your modern kitchen towards the right direction, the rustic direction.

Perhaps you think something with a bit of folk-art flare is more suited to the space you have in mind? Then any of the punched tin shades can work to bring that coveted texture and enchanting light. The fun you’ll have explaining the Sturbridge Witch’s Hat or the dash of color from the Shopkeeper Shade in Rustic Tin will deliver the right amounts of form and warm light, as well as functionality.

Now that you understand the ways that pendant light fixtures can boost your farmhouse or country theme without stealing the show, take a look at our gallery of pendants and see where you can use them throughout your home.

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