Lighting is no small job. There are many types of lighting and each one plays a vital role in  creating a warm and welcoming space. One of the hardest working types is task lighting. Giving light to everyday tasks isn’t exactly sexy, but it is absolutely crucial. But illuminating your chores can also be fun and decorative. That’s where the Mason Jar Lamp comes in.

I have a little “baking center” just off of my kitchen and for several years, there has been a light switch that led to nothing. Every time I wanted to use my mixer, I would turn on the pantry light behind it and hope it gave me enough light. The overhead light in the kitchen was behind me, so most of that glow was blocked. Reading a recipe meant turning away from the counter to shed some light on the area and then I would turn back to complete the next step. It was a constant back and forth. Until now!

Now I have the prettiest little light above my space and I couldn’t be happier.



The little green pendant is super cute and means no more straining my eyes. I’ve been searching for a while for something just right for my sweet corner, but nothing has fit the bill. My house is not fussy at all, but I like to fill it with things that have character. Builder grade is not for me, and I expect it isn’t for you, either. ;) Since it’s a small area, I knew one bulb would do the trick and I also needed something that would hang lower than a traditional pendant.


The wired light box was not centered over my table so it also had to have a soft cord, no rigid pipes to hang from. Now this fixture comes with a cord that plugs into an outlet, but since my husband happens to be an professional electrician, I set him to work wiring it to a switch. He wired it into the bow and then added a hook over my table. There was ample cord so that we could adjust it easily. We tried a few heights to get it just right. He then made it a permanent fixture at just the right height and location.

It took a little trial and error to figure which light bulb to use. Even now, I’m thinking about changing it again. I grabbed the first bulb I could find. But 60 watts in the daylight spectrum was too bright. It was blinding to look at. So I opted for a 40 watt equivalent LED bulb in the warmer light spectrum. It looks much better! But since this pendant is clear, I want to try an Edison type bulb to give it a complete makeover. I think it will make a big difference aesthetically. Plus, it will lend itself to that vintage look I want.

This light is priced really well, too. While looking for light fixtures, I found these here and here. All in all, this light is a great deal and works perfectly. The green color gives it a great antique vibe and the size is just perfect for the space.

 Sunshine Menefee is a self-proclaimed interior design nut with a degree in her favorite subject. Practicing for more than 10 years, she has worked on many different types of projects in all budgets. Every project and every client are unique and she loves to work with them all.



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